When it comes to a successful pharmaceutical product launch strategy, gaining fast Market Access at the right price is critical. Moreover, the growth of the generics segment and the advent of Biosimilar drugs, have given payors additional choices when deciding on the products they will provide.

Tone Consultancy makes use of new advances in Market Access Strategy to provide sophisticated segmentation of market payor types. This includes finding new ways of engaging payors to better understand their needs and producing innovative go-to-market models at a local level. In turn, this brings about market access, together with sales and the economic impact to address customer centric needs. What’s more, our approach adds value and an objective focus to your project. We specialise in producing robust business plans, ensuring budgets are met and cost-savings are achieved.

At Tone Consultancy, we utilise new technology platforms together with more traditional customer engagement techniques and methods to optimise our customers’ experience. This ensures the route to market and products are not only safe and effective, but accessible and affordable.

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