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Tone Consultancy is a company that fully understands the very real need for embracing multiculturalism, inclusion and diversity.

At Tone Consultancy we offer more than just a diverse communications platform model, we also offer a clear in-depth understanding of the multicultural landscape of the NHS.

The NHS is multi-dimensional and consists of layers of multiculturalism – understanding the nuances of the various ethnicities can help build better and stronger relationships.

The Kenyan born, British Indian sisters incorporate their diverse upbringing into driving their company to deliver campaigns relevant to the make-up and structure of the NHS and patient base as it stands today. Resulting in measured and sustained growth for their clients across a multitude of therapies specialising in the pharma and allied industry sectors.

At Tone Consultancy we believe in an inclusive environment, one where we value the richness of total diversity and inclusion – a culturally diverse organisation offers a wider perspective across the business landscape and a wider perspective enables us to offer true value-based support to our clients in the corporate industry as well as the wider NHS.

Your customer base across the NHS is multiculturally diverse and inclusive – shouldn’t your chosen outsourcing partners also be?