Did you know that we have acquired the rights and access to many new generic dossiers yet to be marketed? Tone Consultancy delivers a range of high-quality, end to end solutions for generic pharmaceuticals. This includes pharma dossiers, API development and sourcing, as well as the formulation of MHRA/regulated finished products. We provide value to your organisation by working as your expert resource, and place great importance on building long-term relationships with you. Working as your generics specialist on an ongoing basis greatly speeds up the process on future projects.

We only use trusted, experienced partners to assist our clients. Combining specialist expertise enables us to deal with issues in drug development, and ensures we can anticipate any costly delays that you may encounter with your application.

We can assemble a dedicated team to support you throughout the development process. What’s more, we can provide expert advice and support on regulatory strategy – from formulation and analytical development to making sure the process progresses rapidly. This enables us to ensure the quickest possible market entry for your products.

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