Financial services and market research

Looking for an effective Market Access model for your business? Do you need high-quality market research and analysis for your sector? Tone Consultancy utilises a Market Access Business Model, which can provide a solution for almost any customer centric industry. We can discover what your customer values, so you can market your product and services effectively. We have worked with a variety of sectors including pharma, financial, commodities and energy, trading and technology.

Our research activities cover a range of areas including:

  • Market Sizing – for global markets across various sectors including finance.
  • Detailed Market Research and Analysis of trading and related technology This includes developments, information on market size, structure, technology and participants.
  • Technology Vendors – reviews of technology solutions and service providers.
  • Trading Technology Surveys – we can provide solutions for companies in the form of research-based surveys and published market studies. These are available for the UK, North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and other major markets.
  • Trading Technology Purchase Monitor – tracking customer engagement, retention and satisfaction intelligence data – both quantitative and qualitative. This covers major financial centres (London, New York,).

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